Intuitive Love

This project stems from introspection, starting with my intimate relationships where I realised that in each stage, my partner and I were attempting to define the infinitely nuanced concept of love with the limited knowledge we possess is, which in essence, an act of appropriation.

In expressing my understanding of love through this work, I aim to emphasise the instinctual nature of love. Whether the object of my affection is an abstract concept or a specific person, whether an idealised imagination is more perfect than a genuine experience – these are subjective choices left to us. As long as it brings happiness, that’s what matters.

Throughout the journey of love, moments of self-reflection emerge intermittently. I use the metaphor of a mirror-paper to symbolise this state, forming a loop with other images. Viewers can choose any image as a starting point, representing the process of seeing myself in a relationship – not just a beginning or an end, but a gradual self-awareness constructed within the dynamics of the relationship.

Yet, this self-awareness is highly subjective, allowing viewers to hold diverse perspectives on this narrative. However, this work stands as my most authentic expression; there’s no need to label love, just love as I desir