This is a book of lyrics for a vinyl album without music. It all began with a comment by Mia that struck a chord with us “Every moment spent with you is like an old record that I play on repeat with my eyes closed.”

While most people visualise music, Mia and I wanted to do the opposite. We’re creating something that fills the void so that you can find your own rhythm while reading it.

We named this album “Secondary Bygones.” Each page captures a moment in our lives that irrelevant once the sun rises. It could be something as mundane as complaining about work, a fond memory of an old grandma, or falling in love with a character from a film.

They’re secondary moments that we’ll probably forget with time, but we’ve collected them all here in this book.

Moments are what make up out lives, and we only truly live in those moments. The rest of the time, we’re just surviving until the next one comes along. This musicales album is a reflection of Mia and me, with our most sincere selves poured into these words and drawings.

These bygones may be secondary, but they’re golden. And sometimes, we need a bit of irrelevant nonsense.