Stitches weave a tale of my community, the Chinese enclave.

This chapbook tells the story of Chinatown, born from the crucible of racial exclusion and the unyielding unity that thrives in the face of adversity —  a testament to the enduring spirit etched in every fibre of its being.

It is a sanctuary of survival built bit by bit by the diaspora and carries the weight of a painful history often overlooked — a history etched in pain and marked by a formidable struggle.

Chinatown stands as a haven for early immigrants, a portal to their ancestral homeland. Here, time appears to pause, a place where memories of yesteryears continue to whisper. For these pioneers, Chinatown wasn’t merely a reflection of their national identity; it was a sanctuary where time’s relentless march was halted.

And here we stitch the wounds.

Etching, letterpress, 25*50cm Chap book