“Trailblahers” is a narrative capturing the lives of my female friends and family, portraying our journeys, awkward moments, and aspirations. It reflects their domain, belongings, and the unique utopia we collectively create. The exhibition symbolises their often overlooked contributions, portrayed through the metaphor of outdoor clothes drying, making their efforts visible in the warm sunlight. It prompts reflection on whether we’ve taken their struggles for granted and if we’ve truly listened to their voices amid their efforts to communicate.

Our pain becomes a crucible, shaping individuals who refuse to stay silent. “Trailblahers” is more than a retrospective; it’s a beacon of hope and an unwavering witness. Our shared narrative is a story of transformations and challenges, shaping a future marked by equality, respect, and understanding.

To enhance the message dissemination, the publication takes the form of a newspaper due to its communicative nature. The exhibition, like a tranquil countryside journey, narrates life’s continued strugggles. We’re always halfway, constantly moving forward. The past me has transformed, and the future me will undergo further changes. Dedicated to those who’ve felt the pain of the resistance road, this is our concise story of transformation, perseverance, and the collective shaping of a brighter future.