You Couldn’t Get the Whole Picture

The inspiration for this project stems from David Hockney's quote, "One perspective is one time," which highlights the fluidity within a single object. For me, that object is a cherished memory of the blossom of bush lilies. My grandfather planted several pots of bush lilies by the window sill at my home. Although he has moved away, my mother now cares for them. During the blossom season, my grandfather would frequently inquire about his precious bush lilies, and now it has turned into a family bond.

Each time I revisit this memory, I am struck by different aspects of it, and I find solace in processing it. As I recall the memory, I am constantly adding new pieces to the puzzle, uncovering hidden gems from the past - a forgotten scent, a particular colour, or the vivid wrinkles of my grandpa. It's as if the memory is a living, breathing thing that grows and evolves with each passing moment. Because ‘the remembered image is combined with a moment in the present affording a view of the same object.’ (Shattuck, 1964).

I am a flâneur, wandering through old times with the "bush lily," gathering new fragments with each pass.

Screenprint, mono printing, A1

Digital print on handmade paper